The name is actually Jarret Blinkhorn. I’ve been called anything from Jared, Derek, Jeff, Aaron and even the occasional Janet (from my 7th grade English teacher on the first day of school). My mother pronounces it “Jah-Rat” but a lot of my friends just refer to me as “Jah”. If my brothers name wasn’t Jason (”Jay” for short) I would probably liked to be called that, but he laid claim to that title a long time ago. So to make a long story short, my name has been misconstrued too many times, enough to motivate me to come up with a pseudonym to make it easier for you, and I... No one likes to be called someone else's name on accident.


    Jarret currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island with a wife and daughter, two dogs and a cat, as well as an endless supply of VHS tapes.. 



Ohhh... And sometimes I film stuff.